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Marketing made easy!
InfoM8Direct revolutionizes DIY marketing. The new patented system offers business the opportunity to make their own tailor made campaigns via SMS and Email.
Most cost effective marketing!
- Use your own database and save
- No Setup Fees
- No Monthly Fees
- No Minimum Quantity
- No Prepaid Messages
- From 6c SMS & free full color Emails
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Promoting System

Cheap Bulk SMS & Email Marketing Services Australia

InfoM8Direct is dedicated to providing faster, more direct and accurate communications between businesses and their customers in Australia and beyond. By reaching your consumer base and targeting new markets, your company will benefit from the power of InfoM8Direct technology for SMS and email. Our clients seek to promote products, services or events via SMS and other electronic communication systems to specific demographic groups within the community. This information acts as marketing data for InfoM8Direct customers and creates opportunities for our members to save or attend events in areas of their specific interests.
Our members are an integral part of our organization and we take to utmost care in only sending beneficial information. In order to eliminate spam, InfoM8Direct requires our customers to send promotional information that offers exclusive discounts to InfoM8Direct members or must publish information about a unique event. InfoM8Direct Registered Customer Promotions are a fast easy way to make regular promotions for all businesses with a registered ABN.
InfoM8Direct Promotional Requirements must fit one of the following criterion:
Offer sales discounts of 15% or more
Classify as a unique event, meaning that this event does not occur on a daily or weekly basis or in a routine fashion
Good Examples of unique events
Rock concerts
Garden & Flower show
4x4 show
Musical performances
Grand Prix
Events that do occur on a daily or weekly basis must offer 15% or more sales discounts

SMS Services, Bulk Email Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Using Targeted SMS services, we can help bring a new world of exposure to your product or event with the convenience of SMS marketing. Email marketing solutions are another way to raise your company's profile through direct communication. For larger audiences our bulk email marketing options are ideal while email advertising attracts the attention of countless consumers around the country.

SMS Advertising, Bulk SMS & Web To SMS Services

Affordability is key and at InfoM8Direct, we understand that cheap SMS and cost effective email marketing is the cornerstone of your business growth. That's why we enable you to harness the power of dynamic communication through SMS advertising, bulk SMS and web to SMS services at a reasonable price. With our technology at your fingertips, you can send bulk SMS or send text messages to all your valuable customers with the click of a button.

Email Marketing Services & Bulk SMS Gateway

Through our email marketing services and bulk SMS gateway, your Promotion can be uniquely tailored according to your event, product or service. As part of our emphasis on customer service, we work closely with companies to tailor each project to their specific budget.
If you have a promotion we have an audience. InfoM8Direct Promotion systems is an easy to use service that allows you to promote:
Events - Anything from a Retail Sales to a Rock Concert
Products- Everything from a New Tools to New Vehicles
Services - All service offers great and small
You may segregate your target audience online by pre acknowledged information about:
Location (Living and Working) Country/State/Suburb
Information Interest Categories
Peoples Hobbies and Interests and much more
At a cost per message, the InfoM8Direct systems is one of the most cost effective and efficient localised direct marketing or advertising systems available. Promotions must contain information about savings offers exclusive to InfoM8Direct members or about a unique event. Members will show the message at the point of purchase to redeem their offer. This feature allows for performance tracking.
To Promote with InfoM8Direct you must either:
Promote Online- Register as a InfoM8Direct Customer (Register Now)
Contact Us - Contact us directly and we can make your promotion for you.
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